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Solarstone – Love Theme from Bladerunner (Pure Mix)

Solarstone released a supberb take on a piece of music in Bladerunner, origially by the amazing Vangelis. I have no idea why its actually called Love Theme, as it resembles nothing like the Love Theme from Bladerunner, but instead sounds like a take from the track called “End Titles” which appears during the credits in the film. But its a quality track whatever its called! 😀


Moshic – False Emotion, Philthy Chit remix

Superb remix this, slow and proggy but with some fantastic build up and wonderful atmospherics.


Cosmithex – Scarlet

Superb new EP from Cosmithex out now on JOOF Recordings.


Nicholas Bennison – Alter Rain

A superb progressive track by Nicholas Bennison just out now on Method. 2 remixes also on the single


The Digital Blonde – Noc2one

“For many years there’s been a missing unreleased mix of The Digital Blonde’s Noc2one after hearing John 00 Fleming play the one and only version from DAT. The original mix of this track was lost in the old arches of Atari world, but has painfully been resurrected by The Digital Blonde. It’s now been bought bang up to date using modern technology and engineering. Noc2one the rebirth is here.”


Simon Templar – PHENOMENAL

Utterly amazing track by Simon just released on JOOF Recordings.

The Digital Blonde, Reaky – Midnight Ride

The Digital Blonde is back, this time teaming up with Reaky for a 2 tracks EP!


Lyctum – Vibrations of Life

Lyctum is back with a great new album.



POB – Cloud EP

Superb new EP from POB on Platipus Music. The airwave remix is great!


Lyctum – Bright Lights EP

Lyctum is back with a great new EP. Remixes from The Digital Blonde, Dropped and Urban Fury. The breakdown in this track is truly stunning. Give it a listen now! 🙂

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