John 00 Fleming’s next artist album is coming on March the 4th! A tracklist was released today along with album cover.
More info from John on the album here;

“With this album, I really wanted to prove that the old form of trance has survived and is moving forward,” says John. “People have been saying ‘trance is dead’ for years now but to me, it’s never looked more alive and vibrant.”

The tracks are;

1. The centre of the Universe
2. 5000 Light Years from Earth
3. Star Gazing
4. Tears From Heaven
5. The Stroke of the Midnight Hour
6. WR 22
7. 340 Million Pixels
8. Clouds of Karma
9. WKO
10. Pillars of Creation
11. Colliding Galaxies (John 00 Fleming vs. Lyctum)
12. Time Lapse NGC 2264